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Delta Electronics M2 *Tilauksesta*

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Delta Electronics M2

Kallis mutta paras. Ensimmäistäkään pettymystä ei vielä ole tullut vastaan. Jopa uudempien CB-radiopuhelimien kanssa toimii mainiosti, moneen amatööriradiopuhelimeen myös nappivalinta.

  • Dynaaminen mikrofonikapseli
  • Vahva metallikuori
  • Audion voimakkuuden säätö
  • TONE säätö
  • Modulaation VU-mittari
  • Tangenttilukko
  • Perinteinen 4pin "jenkkikytkentä". Cobra, Galaxy, Superstar etc
  • Toimii mukana tulevalla muuntajalla tai 9V paristolla

"Introducing to the market the Brand New Delta Electronics M2 Amplified Dynamic Desk Microphone!!
Meticulously designed and created by a radio technician with 40 years of experience with the sole focus of LOUD and Crystal Clear audio from a classically designed Powered microphone head with a heavy duty metal housing for industrial, Ham and CB radio applications as its main focus.
What has been missing in the market is a new approach to the classic sound we used to get from the D104, Turner and Echomaster microphones of the past. This New M2 Powered Desk Microphone is that new approach, giving the loudest and clearest sound of any microphone on the market today!!!
Outfitted with a CHROME finished Die Cast Cardioid Dynamic microphone head and a simple push to talk button with slide locking capabilities on a heavy duty metal base. TONE and MODULATION are easily adjusted right at the base with the turn of the knobs allowing for easy adjustment and fine tuning for just that perfect sound your looking for!! The VOICE TONE control knob allows the technician the ability to adjust the bass tone and high tones getting the sound exactly the way you want it transmitted!!
Perfect for the meticulous Ham and CB operator looking for the BEST microphone to pair with their radio!!!
The VU meter allows you to see your modulation swing as you talk away on your rig! 9 volt battery not included. The ON/OFF switch on the neck of the mic is also perfect for quick STANDBY MODE. 

NOW COMES WITH 9VDC POWER SUPPLY!! Now you can plug right into the wall or use 9VDC battery, option is yours! No other base mic on the market has this feature!!
Radio comes factory wired 4 pin Cobra with a 3ft 4 conductor shielded coil cord."
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